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Over the last few years, Wordpress has become more and more popular. Initially it was intended to be a blogging platform but has since evolved into a full scale content management solution for webmasters who have websites covering all kinds of niches.

So what has made Wordpress so popular?

To use Wordpress you do not need any technical knowledge, if you have a hosting package such as Fantastico in a cPanel then this is even easier as it only takes a few clicks to install the whole system.



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The other reason why Wordpress has become so popular is that it is very easy to use. It has intentionally been designed to be easy to use and the learning curve to be kept to a minimum.

A number of people do not know how to implement search engine optimisation in their sites. Wordpress does a wonderful job of this by ensuring that URLs are friendly with minimal effort required.

There is also the ability to directly download thousands of plugins for free straight onto your site without downloading then uploading again.

Although there is no proof to suggest this,, but it seems like search engines such as Google favour Wordpress sites or at least get posts and pages indexed very quickly.

So with all the reasons above, its no wonder people are using it more and more. If you have a basic installation then this is not problem, but what if you want to customise your site? This can be a little bit tricky as this requires a level of programming which most people do not know how to do.

We have plenty of free Wordpress themes which will allow you change the look and feel of your site and customise it towards your preferences. Adding a theme is very easy and can really make your site stand out from the rest of the crowd.


It doesn't matter what your likes or dislikes or the kind of design you are looking in search of. For example, if you are a rocker and looking for a grunge theme or a photographer, or even someone who is looking for a very minimal theme which contains pink, worry not. Chances are they all exist.

All themes are being updated all the time.

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