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Free Additions


Having new additions to your website is always a good way to keep your website looking fresh. Not only will this add value to your site but will ensure that visitors keep coming back.


Free Blogs
Create and publish your own online diary or journal with a simple blog.


Free Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms are a fantastic way to add interactivity to your website. This is a great way of making users coming back to your website and can increase traffic and hits.


Free Web Counters

Counters are VERY important for your website. Without a counter it will be literally impossible to know how much traffic your website is getting.


Free Email Services

Email is one of the most popular ways to communicate with friends, family and for business. We have a comprehensive list of email providers from around the world who cater for every need.


Free Forums and Message Boards

Forums and messgae boards are a fantastic way of buildng online communities. With forums your users will generally talk about specific topics that you set on your website and can attract a great deal of website traffic.


Free Guestbooks

Guestbooks are a great way of being appreciated by users of your site. Users who like your website will leave a comment.


Mailing Lists

If you want to keep your users informed of latest developments then mailing lists are one of the most important ways of doing this.


Web Polls and Surveys

The ability to make use of polls and surverys on your site allows visitors to keep coming back. Adding these features to your site amkes the site more appealing and adds user interactivity.


Website Search

If you want your website to be searchable but have little or no experience in scripting or programming languages then this section would be ideal for you.



Trackers are like counters but much more advanced. Counters allow you to measure traffic stats on your site. Things such as unique hits, pageloads, keyword activities, referring urls etc. A great way to monitor your website's success.


Free Autoresponders

Wouldn't it be nice if you could automatically send out an automated acknowledgment email to your customers as son as they sent you an email? Autoresponders allow you to send out automated responses to emails. These can be a great customer service tool for your business website and make you look very professional.


Privacy Statements

With privacy and the collection of data being such a key issue now on the web, it is important to let your user's know exactly how you intend to use the information you gather on your website from your user.


Live Support

Live support is a great addition if you are a customer focused website. It allows your user to interact with you in real-time and ask you questions.



Make your website look bigger than it is by winning some website awards. Although most of these award sites are not accreditated by any organisations, they will look good on your website and are fun to have.



Anything that doesn't fit in the categories here will generally go here.


Webmaster Tools


PageRank Prediction Tool


Link Popularity


Google Keyword Suggestion Tool


Keyword Density Checker / Analyser


Visual Pagerank


Meta Tag Analyser


Latest Virus Information






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