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Free Templates


Website templates allow you to speed up the web design process. By using ready made templates, all you have to do is to customise the pages by adding in content and you are ready to go. Templates can take many forms such as HTML templates or even those that are built in Flash. If you are a graphic designer then graphical interfaces may help you as they can be imported into graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.


Nowadays with the use of content management systems and open source blogging platforms such as Wordpress, templates and themes are becoming more and more popular in order to customise sites.


Below are the most common types of templates for your websites you will possibly want to use for your sites. These range from standard HTML to those for content management systems (CMS) such as Wordpress or Joomla. These templates are updated all the time so please bookmark this page and feel free to visit when you can.


Before you download any of the themes, you may also be able to view live demos so you can see how it functions and works. At least if you don’t like them you can move on to alternative versions of the template or a completely different design altogether.


Free Newsletter Templates
You cannot be a serious online marketer if you don't have an email list. Having a subscriber base is like gold dust so it is imperative you have a theme or template that really is targeted to your users. There are plenty of free templates for newsletters if you know where to look.


Free Wordpress Themes

Wordpress has fast become the universal blogging and content management publishing solution for millions of webmasters. The great thing about Wordpress is that you can customise it in any way you wish in terms of design and beauty. As long as you have the basic template, you can create anything to suit your needs. It is more than just a blogging platform. We have a selection of lots of free premium wordpress themes and web templates that you can download for absolutely free.




Free Flash Templates

If you are a flash designer/developer or new to flash then these free templates will be very useful. Downloading the flash templates will allow you to speed up the design process and have your flash work up and running in no time. Using this technology allows you to enhance the current look and feel of an existing web presence and give it that added user interaction. There are an array of files you can download from a very basic presentation to premium templates and will depend on the level of design and experience that you have. Another tip that we would recommend is to learn ActionScript if you can. This will enable you an alternative way to really develop applications in more detail.


Free HTML Templates

Keeping your website looking fresh is not an easy task. Why not download some free HTML templates and give your site a complete makeover? This will save you time from designing the site from scratch and will save immense HTML programming time.


Free Interfaces

If you need some design ideas, then download some web interfaces. We have them available in different formats such as PSD (Adobe PhotoShop) and TIFF.


CSS Templates
As web builders strive for cleaner and faster rendering code, using CSS templates is certainly a way to achieve this. By using cascading style sheets in your homepage and other subsequent website pages, you can easy improve performance times. Search engines such as Google now consider site speed as one of its ranking factors so now is a good time than any to ensure you have a nice quick loading website.


Other Free Templates

Any other templates that do not fit in the categories above will generally go here.


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