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Scripting allows additional features and interactivity to be added to websites. Using database scripting languages such as ASP and PHP allow thousands of pages to be easily maintained. Scripting also allows enhancement of web pages and allows you a great deal of interactivity and more importantly, customise your website by building unique applications that will enhance your user experience.


An example could be a customised e-Commerce store, a product review site or a travel booking engine just to name a few. Also, with the introduction of mobile applications, scripts allow you to extend your reach to a bigger audience and in return make more sales.


Free Active Server Pages (ASP) and ASP.NET Scripts

Microsoft's Active server page technology allows websites to be developed using databases. The benefit of having pages using this technology is that pages are generate dynamically and on "the fly".


Free CGI and Perl Scripts

Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a scripting technology written in C and Perl. Before the iontroduction of scripting technologies such as ASP and PHP CGI was the most popualr. Although not used as much as a few years ago, cgi scripts are still widely used.


Free ColdFusion Scripts

Coldfusion is a scripting language that uses CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) which is used to write web applications. Originally a product by Allaire it is now owned by Macromedia.


Free JavaScript Scripts

JavaScript has been around sinve the inception of web browsers such as Internet Explorer and NEtscape Navigator (now Firefox). Javascript is very useful as it allows interactivity to be added to websites. For examples, menus can be added in the form of Dynamic HTML code. In addition, javascript is also used for calculations and also to perform other functiosn on webpages that maybe HTML cannot.


Free Java Server Pages (JSP) Scripts


Free PHP Scripts


Remotely Hosted Scripts

If your hosting provider does not allow you to host scripts, then a remotely hosted solution may be ideal for you. This usually includes, formmal scripts, guestbooks, send to a friend and lots more. Usually these are free but in return everytime a form is processed they hosting provider will display a small advert.


Free C and C++ Scripts

C and C++ are one of the most powerful programming languages ever created. C/C++ allows you to compile custom made bespoke programs for websites and allow you to uplaod these to your web server. Although not as popular as using PHP or ASP, there is a niche demand for C/C++.


Free Visual Basic Scripts & Code

Visual Basic is a advanced version of the prgramming language "Basic" used a great deal in the 80's. Visual Basic in a web environment is used very well in conuncion with Active Server Pages (ASP) to create powerful web applications.


Free DHTML Scripts

Please see DHTML section in HTML



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