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Free Articles for your website


By adding free articles to your website, you will allow your website to work better for you. Content is possibly the single most important thing on your website and is the main reason why users will be coming back to your site over and over again. Fresh quality content will mean regular visitors. Having good content also helps with regards to search engine optimisation and ranking high for terms.


If you’re writing skills let you down somewhat or you do not physically have the time, then why not download free articles? There are plenty of specialist directories which contain thousands upon thousands of articles relating to nearly every subject and topic imaginable. In most cases you are free to use this free content and integrate it within your own website(s), however, please make sure you read the terms of service (TOS) for each individual article directory as most of the time you will be required to provide a link back from the source.


The only drawback with using articles from these directories as that the content will not be unique to your own website and many other will have downloaded the same articles for free. It is always advisable to develop as much of your own content as possible.


Below are a list of sources where you can download free content articles

Ezine Articles

Probably the biggest archive of articles on the internet. If you need free articles for your website then this should be the first port of call. With millions of articles available from hundreds of thousands of authors, every single topic you can think of is pretty much covered here.


Article Base

The Article base website claims to have over 400k published free articles. The site requires that a user registers which is free (of course) and if they also wish, they can submit their own articles. Categories are well organised via navigation on the left hand side. Once you are taken the correct page, each article has a popularity level. Overall, very nicely designed site which is easy to navigate through. The terms of service state that you are required to keep all links in the article intact as well as link to the source.


Get My Articles

They claim to have over 100k articles in 60 different categories. The site is organised as you would expect from a selection of categories from the left hand side. The site is clean to look and there is a huge array of articles. Overall, a minefield of articles are available here but a few tweaks are needed such as the number of words an article is would be nice.



Nowadays, you don't have to look for your own content, you can have it sent directly to you. If you own a directory or have a blog that you'd like content for, there are many plugins that you can install and get the content delivered to you as regularly as you want. Below are an example of a few.


Unique Article Wizard

The brainchild of Dr. Noel Swanson, his original service allows webmasters to submit rewritten content that is automatically submitted to hundreds of directories. The beautiful thing is that he clams each article is unique. A great tool if used correctly.


If you are a webmaster though, there are UAW Plugins for Various Article Directories available for many of the different platforms such as;


Article Dashboard

Article Friendly




Blogspot and Email Delivery


Just click on the link above and scroll down to the relavent plugin you require.



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